Last night saw the annual Millfield School House Song competition.  It's run over 3 weeks where an Upper 6th pupil works with a main choir which in my case was my house Great House, Overleigh & Etonhurst and from that an auditioned a Chamber Choir. This years theme was Girl Power celebrating 100 years of women rights. 

I conducted both choirs the main choir consisted of over 120 students. I also arranged the Chamber Choir's song consisting of 30 auditioned students.  It was hard work but really enjoyable everyone was very engaged, what turned out to be a WINNING TEAM EFFORT!


Wow, looking back over the last 4 years of my life and to see what I've achieved.  I have played in some incredible locations supported some amazing and famous artists expanded my skills by producing for other artists and live DJing with July Jones. 

What's next? Next single due out mid October also working on a video for that


I'm proud to announce that Cosmic Ears have endorsed me as an artist.  These are the best inner monitors and a British product.
"Cosmic Ears are committed to providing fantastic products for everyone, from music enthusiasts to audiophiles, all the way through to professional musicians. Our mission is for everyone to feel their music through exquisite sound technology, superior materials and great style. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products with outstanding customer service, all from our our UK based operations."


1st single is ready to go, video dates are booked & we are set to drop 1st song in early August

6/7 Produced a single for The Isle of CC out now on Spotify

I have been on an amazing tour of northern Italy with the Millfield Camerata. This is a specialist choral group. We sang in some incredible venues with our finale in Venice.  We packed in 5 performances and saw a good part of Tuscany.  With special thanks to the staff and Mr Cook our musical Director 


This has been an epic journey.  I have really been enjoying these sessions and forming the music in my way, I have re done an old song and have fresh new music hopefully a hit or two in the mix. 
I was in London a few weeks ago on a photo-shoot for this new start to things, exciting times.
AS's over, new course work beginning a change of direction for the better.  Choosing a forward path to make all this a working reality.
Looking forward to a full summer I will be traveling in Italy & Northern California. A few gigs in-between and along the way including The Godney Gathering.


I have had to make some decisions that have not been easy.  
For now, I'm fully solo again and back to working with Orchard Studios in Barton.  I feel that I have learnt much of this last year but not produced any music the way I want to hear it.  Now I have been given this opportunity to get 7 tracks or so tracks down.  Then working with Sam Kinsella  work on video's for  these tracks and bring those to you the first drop will be August 2018.


In this fast moving music industry as a young artist it is easy to get carried away with how to make it and what to do to get signed.  As I look about there are so many options open to artists these days, it's about having a plan that works for you.  I have been recently inspired and after a hiatus of being unable to record my music and publish it I'm hoping shortly to be able to drop tunes regularly and have some more YouTube activity.  I have been working on quite a few projects and collaborations which will also be available soon. 


I'm on a train again! 
Had a great weekend recording with the band, Issac, Ollie & Tom. Sunday was mainly music, we worked solidly and got the sound down for 2 songs and today was vocals with some mixing.  Its been good experience again with Urban at the Oxygen Studios in Birmingham. 
Looking forward to releasing these 2 tracks and finishing off more work to come in the next few weeks.

Oska pic.jpg